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Quarterly I take on a small number of one on one clients to help them maximize their results in their homes. If you have tried courses, read books, and watch the Marie Kondo series, but still cannot speak to sustainable results. This would be the place to start.

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Ashley Strong

As a mom of two, a professional organizer, productivity magician, and coach I love to help other busy moms achieve awesome results in their homes and hearts.

Motherhood can be a challenging time. It does not mean that you are failing or not good at it. It certainly does not need to mean that you are always on the hot mess express without a ticket home. 

I was a mom that found myself struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety. I was overwhelmed with clutter - physical and mental. I was overwhelmed with stuff, with expectations, with obligations, and so many things that did not or no longer served me.

I shifted my mindset to see postpartum depression/anxiety as an opportunity for change.

I got rid of the physical clutter, simplifying my home. I organized, created simple systems in my home for my family - not for Pinterest.

I MADE time for me. Self care is not a privilege, a luxury. It is a priority. It is necessary for your growth and all those you serve.

I set boundaries, said no more often, and prioritized based on my values.

I changed my home for me, for my family, and our future.

My relationships improved, I became more efficient, less stressed, and began healing.

Now, I help other busy moms do the same because life is too short to manage all the stuff, show up to all the obligations, and say yes because you are the only one that will or because you should.

Tell me are you ready to make real change in your life?


Fun Facts about Me

Dance Parties

We love a good dance party in my house. It is how we celebrate and how we reset when we are STRUGGLING. My dancing looks a little like aggressive stretching, but we certainly enjoy ourselves. Oh and just maybe these are accompanied by signing Disney Princess songs like you have never heard before. 


I love to laugh. I am slightly sarcastic, occasionally like a well place F bomb, ad giggle at things that 12 year-olds find funny. I love Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, and Sandra Bullock. 


Creativity is something I thoroughly enjoy! It makes me a better organizer. Most houses were not built for how we use them today. Think about it? That kitchen that was designed in 1930...may not actually meet your needs today. So, we need to get creative and make the space work for you without breaking the bank. 

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